A think + do tank for democratic culture

The think + do tank Pro Futuris, founded in 2022, was established to strengthen democracy.

Our society is becoming increasingly polarised and the future holds ever more complex challenges. Switzerland requires better opportunities for participation, greater cohesion and a revised self-image. This will enable us to do justice to our modern and diverse society and strengthen our collective ability to act. Pro Futuris offers space for thinking, debate and experimentation for the democracy of tomorrow.

How Pro Futuris works



We try out today what might be possible tomorrow.


Contributions to the debate

We offer insight into the considerations that guide our actions.



We discuss the questions that concern us with proven experts.

Pro Futuris in brief

Pro Futuris means: “for the future”, because what the future looks like is in our hands. This is why Pro Futuris is committed to living and breathing, efficient and resilient democracy. As a think + do tank, we analyse the challenges facing society (thinking) and implement the findings and solutions via specific projects (doing). Pro Futuris is supported by the Swiss Society for the Common Good (SSCG).

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