A think + do tank for democratic culture

Pro Futuris is the think + do tank created by the
Swiss Society for the Common Good.

Pro Futuris’ objective is to create new opportunities for democratic participation for all people of Switzerland and to reinforce social cohesion in a diverse population. We provide a platform for reflection, debate and experimentation towards a thriving, effective and resilient democracy.

Shaping Switzerland’s future

Switzerland is more than the sum of its inhabitants and places. The essence of Switzerland transcends democracy and federalism, as well as 1291 and 1848. Switzerland is our home. It is the space in which we shape our future together.

We are committed to promoting…

  • cohesion in diversity
  • tolerance and openness
  • controversial, yet respectful debates
  • generosity and a culture of sharing
  • participation and inclusion for all
  • collective learning

How we work



Which dynamics undermine societal cohesion? How can we improve participation and inclusion?



How can we collectively make sense of our respective perceptions, hopes and priorities?



How can we explore alternative futures in small-scale experiments?



Which change do we want to promote together?